What is the.resize.club?

An 18+ instance for bigs, smalls, growers, shrinkers, expanders, uh. whatever the opposite of that one is.

This is a fun instance for fun people. For the most part, we follow Awoo.space's rules and code of conduct. Some of the bigger and more important points and things relevant to this particular instance are presented in the Extended Information page. But most importantly: Have fun!

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Hi welcome to the rules part maybe

We follow and adhere to Awoo.space's community guidelines, although the important points that will absolutely need to be kept in mind to participate here will be briefly repeated.


  • This is an 18+ instance. Please only sign up here if you're 18 years or older.
  • This is obviously a lewd-ish instance, but you should still use the CW and image-hiding features responsibly.
  • Public posts do get federated out to other instances, such as Awoo.space and Mastodon's flagship instance. At the moment Mastodon does not have a local-timeline-only posting option. We do, however, block GNU Social instances which do not respect Mastodon's privacy options. Consider using the Lock Account option and manually approving followers.
  • Try to keep politics or other hot-button issues off here. There are plenty of other instances where that stuff will work better.
  • But if you need to vent about personal stuff then go ahead, you can hopefully find a big (or small) shoulder to lean on
  • Harassment and use of slurs is verboten, please don't do that sorta thing


Primarily of the growing, or already massive kinds. Some varieties of kink are kind of adjacent to the central theme, like latex outfits.

A short sampling of things you may find here, along with their tags, include:

  • Macro — Subjects that are fantastically tall
  • Micro — Subjects that are fantastically smol
  • Muscle — Muscular physiques. 💪
  • Hyper — Endowments or other areas of the body that are sized up to extreme proportions
  • Inflation — Expansion or filling of the body to fantastic proportions, usually with some form of gas or liquid
  • Expansion — A catch-all tag. Can cover any and all forms of growth.


We also have a Discord server.