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"Max" is short for "Maximum" @mnk@the.resize.club

Idea: A kobold playing a violin like it's a double bass. Next to them a 15-20 foot tall critter is playing a double bass like it's a violin.

No, I don't know where either of them got a tuxedo that fits.

recently I got the opportunity to draw my fiance's fursona hanging out with mine. it was really fun to do!

*takes a big sip of "I love giant furries" juice*

i updated my mobile client to tusky--which seems to have been a good move. I missed this instance! Hello again everyone, despite these uncertain and frightening times!

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I saw this so you all have to see it now. My condolences.

whoops whoops i'm thinking too hard about my silly furry oc's again whoops

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also, just in case anyone was wondering, Kenny's amulets only bring her down to about 7'5" (~228cm). She's just skinny when they're on because all of her muscle comes from her naturally occurring magic

every time i draw my fursonas i fall deeper in love with them just as characters to play around with

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your GPS has taken you well out of the way this time, but there's your date~

what's that? she wants a ride? and you only brought your scooter??

a giant's friend gets them a birthday present: two antique china teacups with generous loops of wire wrapped around the delicate handles--earrings!

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