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Goat Train @goattrain@the.resize.club

oh huh, Mastodon is still a thing! I kinda completely forgot about this place, and I'd love to start using it again, but I'm a little worried about spreading myself too thin between social media sites?
We'll just have to see what I can handle, I guess!

For those who don't know me from elsewhere, I'm WAY more active on birdsite, so if I disappear again I'm probably over there


Getting people together for a Christmas G/t art pack! After the fun everyone had in making the Halloween pack recently, most of them expressed interest in doing something similar for Christmas, so I’m putting one together. If you're interested in drawing/writing something for a Christmas art pack focused on macro/micro, check out this form! There are a couple rules to note at the top, so please read through those.

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Update update: Duder has officially crossed the line and is getting people I don't even know involved in this, trying to convince them to make me restore contact and work with the Duder again.

Not happening!

Update: apparently the duder I had to block is now reaching out to my friends, trying to get them to tell me to unblock him, so he's gone a step above and beyond what I thought he'd be capable of.

It's doubly weird because he HAS my e-mail address and Is Not Shy about sending me e-mails

I'm getting a little worried that he's gonna turn into a legit nuisance to folks, and that'd suck, but I stand by my decision. He was being awful and he shouldn't get to decide when he's had enough punishment

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drew a small Alice for a Halloween art pack I headed these past couple months! I really like this one, and I'm happy I can finally post it publicly. the.resize.club/media/t7J9FzVy

apparently the extremely rude client I had to block and refuse all future work with has decided that the time is up and I should start working with him again, despite me saying it'd be a LONG time in the future IF I agreed to work with him again. Duder sent me three identical entries on my commission form in two days and then emailed me today asking if I'd gotten them

honestly the fact that people like ANY of my characters is pretty nuts, and something I'm still trying to get used to!

somebody approached me for the possibility of getting a commission with Stephanie in it, and pretty much I'm SUPER flattered. It's a bit nuts how well people have warmed to her, but in a good way!

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whoop whoop, Patreon pledges are officially down over $200 in the last two months. That's going to make things a little tight financially, but I'll figure a way to make it up somehow


Streaming with sugaryviolet and chibibiscuit​ today to raise funds for Violet’s move! We’re taking in-stream commissions, so if you’d like to get something from one of us, hop on in! Or just chill in the chat and say hi, that’s cool too~