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I'm Ark! Poly/pan as fuck. Complete nerd to the highest degree, furry trash, & a total goofball. I do IT, tons of games, and kinetic arts. I'm just here to love, learn, help, and have fun. Spread the joy, y'all~

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"your son is hyperactive. is he seeing a child phycologist?"
"do you mean psychologist?"
"no. your kid is a colony of algae. he's currently experiencing a bloom, which results in bodily growth and a change in pigmentation. i recommend watching his phosphate intake"
"i guess this is what i get for being married to the sea"

With my commission backlog completed, I'm opening up for commissions again! Pricing for custom chainmail designs is as follows:

Keychains - $9
Simple Stretch - $12
Big Stretch Bracelets - $25
Wrapped Tag Necklace - $25

I also have several common pride themes already available for sale at the same prices on my Etsy! Check them out here:



Free Wifi at a Restaurant Alignment Chart

Besides, how else am I supposed to input at 700 kpm?!

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Even crazier, my software for getting into my work environment still works here, so I can even work on that stuff. Yaaaaaay.

Okay, today was really good! I managed to get two Win10 boxes dual-booting Fedora 29 (and downgraded one to 28 for stability purposes), gotten more familiar with bash and working in it, and I actually feel like Linux can be a daily driver for me, with Windows as a secondary. I'm super happy with this because this means it'll be a lot easier for me to work on code and such, and it forced me to work through some fun problems~

nintendo made up for not giving solid snake a badonkadonk by making incineroar hot

Maaaaaaan, I totally want to run an r/63/ cosplay on K/DA Akali. <3

Holy shit! While I’m no longer a player of League, I have always enjoyed the media produced from both official and fan-based media. This is seriously beautiful.

Source: K/DA - POP/STARS - youtube.com/watch?v=UOxkGD8qRB


So, that set of videos lead me to catch up with Night Mind, and goodness I'm glad I watched! It's rather great to see my name in this video~ <3

I guess tonight it's just gonna be one of those nights where I binge Cyriak videos? Sure, go for it.

Man, fuckit. I want a proper damn Linux environment. Go go Fedora.

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