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Tame Bat of mischief @TameBat@the.resize.club

Dom/Sub, vaguely Show more

Lewd doodle, pain play + multi bits Show more

Lewd doodle, pain play + multi bits Show more

Size nonsense | affectionate Show more

Size nonsense Show more

macro Show more

macro Show more

(made up) Queer light novel titles (random kinks, it's past 2:00 IDK) Show more

Silly, TF Show more

Horrible lewd robot joke Show more

Size stuff Show more

Silly lewd wordplay Show more

Lewd idle thought Show more

plush/size/vaguely public kink nonsense?? Show more

The Arts: miniskirt [hyper genitals kink] Show more

Silly, vore kink Show more

Slime, semi plush tf Show more

Mirco Show more

Macro joke Show more