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Tame Bat of mischief @TameBat@the.resize.club

Lewd doodle, pain play + multi bits Show more

The Arts: miniskirt [hyper genitals kink] Show more

The Arts [nudity, lactation kink] Show more

The Arts: Good lynx~ [lewd, genitals, dom/sub] Show more

Lewd joke Show more

The Arts: Milky Katie [BE & lactation kink] Show more

The Arts: Tumdurg [nudity, kink, soft vore] Show more

The Arts: Lizard breeding [lewd, kink, lactation, breeding, some cum inflation] Show more

The Arts: Yet more blushy bats (lewd, genitals) Show more

The Arts: Nina Waking Up (nudity, genitals visible/implied through clothing) Show more

The Arts - Very Questionable Bath (mild nudity, excess) Show more

The Arts: A Soft Winter [Very much lewd] Show more

Lewd goat doodle Show more

The Arts: Lewd and some non-lewd Kat (nudity, lewd, dom/sub) Show more

Kinktober day 31 - Aftercare♥ (nudes, draconic lesbianism) Show more

Kinktober day 30: Exhausted Show more

Kinktober day 29: Drip (nudity, lewd) Show more