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No, wait, I think I came up with a better title:

I Met a Cute Catgirl and She Told Me Her Unusual Secret of Being a Magical Growing Giantess.

(now I want to write this story, what the heck)

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not gonna lie, the reason I don't post much on this instance anymore is because my timeline is super slow.

I need to find more people to follow that follows my interests.

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Is it weird to be hesitant to follow someone on social media who gets a lot of kink/fetish art you're also into?

...I think I now understand why some trans people proclaim they're soft and squishy >////>

Usually I detest my body as I feel overweight.

Yet somehow @syrup has swayed me to squeezing my thighs.

And my thighs are fairly large >>

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been tired most of the day.

I'm only awake right now because of a dream I had.

I was doing it with someone and that was kinda hot >>

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for the record this was referring to me.

I'm bad at flirting.

One must be careful if they're trying to flirt with somebody.

Especially if they're really bad at it.

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Every once in a while I still share big stuff to friends on other communities.

While I may not be into Big Stuff™️ as much as I used to, it's still neat to share to others.