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I guess actual introductions are in order

hi hello i'm Roughjericho, also known as Jericho/Jeri

I'm a hobbyist (and rather amature) expansion artist/writer who's been inactive for a while due to college and all that junk that comes with it... including the games i play on the side. And the game dev hobby i really should start doing things with.

i like a lot of expansion stuff, including WG, spheres, chubby/puffy cheeks, and floating~

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hello i don't want to subtoot anyone or anything since i've been seeing this everywhere, not just in regards to discord, but the terms of service fear stuff that's been flying around is just that - fear.

pretty much all art sites have this legal jargon in their TOS. It is protection for themselves, and is also what allows other websites to link to your work through embeded content. it's not saying your content isn't protected.

i'm... alive?

i'm alive!

finals have been... finals and i've gotten a job on campus... which had one of it's busiest times of the year this week, so that didn't help. but i'm going to have a hopefully non-seasonal income! hooray! and I'm passing most if not all of my classes! yay! i'll probably start posting here again now that it's all done and dusted.

Today's been a really good day for me.

...why am i waiting for the other shoe to drop

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"so how's FTL going" oh you know, just fixing some typos

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hi i'm... around, i guess. things have been more than a little hectic of late. did better at college midterms than i thought i did, at the very least!

Been debating on where to make a proper main... but i just don't know where .-.

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