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Komma @KommaXL@the.resize.club

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Company has left and I'm finally free to be myself!
[doubles in size over 0.33s]

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I'm Komma!

* game designer, game programmer, game historian
* male, he/him pronouns. Asexual but with a preference for cuddling with other men.
* big scaly with taily
* experience making games in JavaScript, Lua, C++, and more. Contact me if you need an affordable freelance coder.
* lizards and gators and ferrets and squirrels and more
* furry indulgences: macro, bigness, b-movie science fiction
* plays board games, roguelikes, and challenging action games
* socialist

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[Queen voice] I... I'm in love with my clo-o-one

I'm accidentally clonehorny again

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Well hey! It's #TMITuesday and I think we could both use some positivity! Ask me anything you've been curious about!

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I'm increasingly large, I would not hurt a fly, but I might cause stability problems in the universe

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When I play a 4X I always try to build a WIDE empire. :9

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What if Komma had some kind of MtG-style enchantment that doubled the effects of any kind of multiplier or transformation? :3

and I think you're great! Your footprints might be smaller but your heart's every bit as big as mine! :>

If macro is a term of relative size, then I'm a normie's macro's macro

Blow your balloon up, blow blow blow

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Dynamax me then gigantomax then feed me an ultra mushroom