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Technomancer Kaito

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FYI -- 2019 accidentally shipped prematurely and contains a LOT of bugs. these will be patched once the devs return from vacation.

here are just some known bugs:

🐞 all cheese currently tastes like the color red.

🐞 incorrectly loading textures has turned your favorite top into a stained Big Dog t-shirt.

🐞 baseball even more boring.

🐞 cap removed on horniness value, meaning you can get so incredibly hornt it crashes the local server.

🐞 dogs now capable of speech (maybe not a bug?).

@jackdaw_ruiz how much to bribe the devs to consider no.4 a feature too, mm?~

@eevee hey, testing.

discovering way way way late, that tiden apparently suspended glip's and your accounts just before he was banned and his admin access was revoked, sorry. making sure things are working again.

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@TBH I mean, that's me and you know it, snuggles and cuddles with pillows <3