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Technomancer Kaito @KS

Pinned: Kink list, etc. Check this if you're wondering what I'm into. Read more link is NSFW.

If you've gotten to this point, I'm going to assume you're actually curious about what makes me tick, so I'm not going to hold anything back. Almost all of these are mutual, which is to say it's just as arousing to have done to me as it is to do to others.

The Big Three

These are those things that will make Kaito immediately melt, full stop. They are by far the feelings that he craves the most.

• Ball Growth / Inflation / etc.

To put it quite simply, Kaito is mesmerized by huge, swaying balls between the legs, watching them get bigger and just imagining the sheer amount of seed that they could hold... And the feeling of having his own pressing his legs apart, rubbing up against them as they swell drives him crazy.

Very Excessive Cum

Ties into the above kink. It's not just big balls Kaito loves and wants, it's full ones, heavy and sloshing with lots and lots of seed. This is the reason why Kaito tends to flood his room whenever he gets too worked up.

• Breast Expansion / etc.

What is essentially the distaff counterpart of the above. Again, whether it's having somebody else's chest swell out while he's watching, or whether it's happening to Katie—she sure is no saint, either—and she's feeling her bust up while it grows against her hands, this is sure to cause some profuse blushing and will result in him/her getting very worked up.

The Runners-up

Listed in no specific order.

• Body Control / Possession

Specifically, controlling the body while leaving the mind intact; so the target is completely aware of what their body is doing, but they can't do anything about it but watch. It's rare for Kaito to do this to others, but if it's done on him it'll make him squirm as his body just won't listen to him ... or, well, try helplessly to squirm, realize he can't, and get even more huffy and worked up in the process.

• Slimeboys/girls

They've heard them referred to as "malware for the body" and if that isn't the truth they don't know what is. Though neither Kaito nor Katie prefer to be one, they absolutely do not mind their presence; nor do they mind letting the inside of their bodies become a resting place for the slimes, nor slimes forcing their way in and playing with them from the inside...

• Lactation

Milk is absolutely delicious. This can be both kinky and also platonic; sometimes Kaito's just that thirsty, or Katie's just feeling that motherly.

• Orgasm Denial / Pent Up / etc.

Forcing Kaito to keep holding back a massive load will very quickly turn him to pleasured whimpering and begging, and you can bet he loves to see the same fate befall others as well~

• Cock Growth / etc.

This is normally tied together with Ball Growth, but to be honest Kaito prefers it separately, and sometimes only wants one or the other. Having said that, holding onto a big throbbing shaft as it rises up further and further is still very arousing on its own. Bonus points if it's so he can suck himself off and drink his own load.

• Clothes Bursting

Kaito and Katie have lots of spare outfits for a reason. They love setting some growth in motion while their victims are still in their clothes, watching them struggle and strain to contain their swelling endowments, tearing and ripping, buttons or zippers popping off... Gradually getting more exposed as her shirt or his underwear gets torn completely off, etc...

• Mind Control / Hypnosis

Kaito generally prefers having control of his mind, but there are times where he wants to just shut down and let himself be driven completely by somebody else.

Some closely related notes

Not really talking about kinks past this point, but other things related to how he ticks.

• Ear Play

Kaito's ears are very sensitive to pretty much anything. Alone it's not enough to get him off, but if thrown in at key moments it will probably overload his senses with pleasure.

• Affection

Kaito thrives on affecton. It's totally platonic for him so don't expect sex out of it, but affection is one of the key things that keeps him happy and can help calm him down when he's upset.

• Kemonomimi

KAITO AND KATIE WILL GIVE YOU ALL HEADPATS! Animal ears are so super adorable~

• Hair

If you take out a hair brush and take it to Kaito's hair, he will shudder a bit. It's an ASMR-like reaction, and it's very calming.

Just do not ever threaten to cut it. Don't even joke about it.

• Realism

Kaito hacks reality. Don't give him that shit about things being unrealistic. He knows very well most of what he craves is impossible in the reality you know. He gets around it with subtle, unnoticable modifications to people's bodies whenever he starts doing said "unrealistic" things.

• Love

Okay, complete seriousness here... Kaito can't enjoy scenes unless there's a mutual sense of love somewhere. Degradation and similar stuff just kicks him right out of any mood he's in.

This doesn't mean don't be harsh, mind you. Command him around all you want or what have you, as long as it's clear that you do care for him in some way he'll be fine. <3

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@KS I have quite a bit in common! We should talk over this sometime.

@KS Well, it looks like I might've found a new(ish) kink thanks to this list.

@KS yeah.

Cock/ball growth was something I kinda liked but it wasn't 'til I read your stories/RP did I realize "Oh yes this is hot"

It's also great because combine that with bursting out of their tight confines, and then... well, the rest is self-explanatory >_>