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Technomancer Kaito @KS

This is a copy of the character bio for Kaito as seen on However, this bio includes information relating to Kaito's powers and how he uses them, in ways that are not entirely safe for public eyes. Anything in italics is not in the 'clean' bio. Read more link is NSFW text.


Kaito Sinclaire is an Inumimi, or affectionally called a 'dogboy'; that is, a semi-human with cute, fuzzy dog ears resting on top of his head as opposed to normal human ears. With the exception of that, he looks not unlike a typical human; standing 5'10", with lengthy—3'—jet black hair running down his back, nearly always straightened and (usually) free of tangles. Typically, his attire consists of loose-fitting clothes, T-shirts, and the like; he detests any sort of tight clothes as 'ridiculously uncomfortable.'

Kaito is, by his nature, very technologically savvy. He does programming for various systems as a hobby, and has done so for years; as a result he sometimes finds himself thinking about things programmatically or explaining things in extremely technical terms that tend to go over the heads of most. He wears a pair of narrow, rimless glasses fixated to his head (dog ears can't hold up glasses, after all), and they can swivel up and down as needed. His vision is passable without using them, but the glasses are actually the result of attempts to blend magic and technology. When they're over his eyes they provide him with additional information about whatever he's looking at… and they also enable a limited yet powerful sort of reality-warping, which he uses to change forms based on how he's feeling, as well as toy with the bodies of himself and occasionally others.


Kaito's glasses treat everything as like programs in a simulation, and thus lets him "hook" into said "programs" and change their "code" in various ways. This includes relatively simple things like changing the size of body parts or any other attributes of a person, as well as much more complex things like rewriting how one's body handles certain events or stimuli, adding triggerable changes, et cetera. However, this is solely constrained to phyiscal attributes; Kaito can not directly change someone's mind or mental state. To say the least, Kaito has heavily abused the more powerful aspects of reprogramming himself for various reasons; including to be more comfortable with himself and to have some… added fun when the need arises.

The glasses are wired into Kaito's mind; hence why they're fixated on his head and can't be removed. Mental thoughts help guide and control the glasses' functions; however, he can't change "code" of something he doesn't have information on, and thus needs to be vaguely looking at what he's trying to control/change. In addition, the glasses actually have to be pushed down over his eyes to be 'on'; when above his eyes, the screen blanks and nothing responds. This is on purpose, to stop a dreaming mind accidentally causing changes… but if he leaves them down as he sleeps, this can still happen. With sometimes amusing results.

In a still magical but more mundane use case, Kaito's glasses can also act as an interface for hardware connections, essentially becoming a portable terminal. They can establish wireless links through normally wired connections, however the range on this is very limited; about 5' at most, maybe 10' at absolute most if the stars align. As with their normal function, input is done through Kaito's mind. Visual output is displayed on screen, but anything else gets routed back into his mind. Due to this, it's possible to overwhelm him in various ways, or possibly even take control of him in certain situations… in theory, anyway.


First and foremost, Kaito switches between forms with simple commands inputted into his glasses that automatically handle all of the requisite changes. Thus, when changing form, he'll always return back to the 'defaults' for that form.

Kaito Sinclaire

See above.

Latent effects on Kaito's form: * Automatic reversion to complete normalcy if Kaito loses consciousness in an unnatural way (i.e.: not falling asleep). This is, obviously, a failsafe in case something bad happens to him.

Katie Sinclaire

The most common form Kaito takes aside from his natural one is just a female version of himself, deemed Katie Sinclaire. He does this to match the fact that he never really feels truly masculine or feminine, switching back and forth from day to day. Katie stands 5'8.5" as opposed to Kaito's 5'10", and has a more curvy build as you'd probably expect; her measured bust size is about 34D (by US mesaurements). Though her hair doesn't change from the transformation, she'll wear her hair up in twin ponytails to help differentiate herself from her normal form, if the slight height difference isn't enough.

Latent effects on Katie's form: * If one of Katie's nipples is sucked on, her breasts swell up a couple of cup sizes (normally, this means 34DDD) and she begins lactating, staying this way for about three hours. She's so overproductive in this state that she'll start dripping with excess, as well.


Uncommonly, Kaito will take the form of an otherwise normal Sylveon, deemed Sylvclaire, usually when he's feeling extremely emotional or empathetic towards others. He can't 'speak' in such a form (obviously; he's a Pokémon, he 'sylvs' instead), so he communicates to others through the aura put out through his ribbons, in addition to using said aura to soothe and calm others like a normal Sylveon would. As this form is mostly for emotional support and comforting others, it's extremely rare for him use this form for amorous purposes.

Latent effects on Sylvclaire's form: * Illusory trickery to hide his glasses, while still being able to use them to change back. * Passthroughs to allow his glasses' effects to take hold through his aura.

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@KS Well done! Hopefully more instances decide to use this (though now I wonder how will this work with upcoming updates and stuff).