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Technomancer Katie

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I know this is my lewd account, but you can totally ask for hugs and affection too if you want it. <3

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Pinned: If you wish to support me for whatever reason, whether it's related to hosting / maintaining a couple certain Mastodon instances, the work I've done with Mastodon, my personal projects, or whatever reason you feel like, you can do so here:

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Pinned: Kink list, etc. Check this if you're wondering what I'm into. Read more link is NSFW.

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A dog-boy stands in front of you, looking directly at you, his husky-like ears perked up. The pair of glasses in front of his deep, dark blue eyes has a few rows of green text visible on the top of both lenses. You can just barely make out a bit of it, backwards...


...and then you notice the very visible smirk on his face...


I should probably do something like that for my avatar here.

@eevee hey, testing.

discovering way way way late, that tiden apparently suspended glip's and your accounts just before he was banned and his admin access was revoked, sorry. making sure things are working again.

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Reminder: please call me "pup" or "puppy", it makes me all giddy and happy >w<

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I really like being called "pup" or "puppy"

There's no lewd connotations here, I just really strongly associate with dogs

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Actually that's an interesting question, it's specifically having trouble making HTTPS connections, but I can SSL into the box just fine, and HTTP connections still work.

Eugen tooted at my main, and there went my server lol

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