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Technomancer Kaito

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I know this is my lewd account, but you can totally ask for hugs and affection too if you want it. <3

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Pinned: If you wish to support me for whatever reason, whether it's related to hosting / maintaining a couple certain Mastodon instances, the work I've done with Mastodon, my personal projects, or whatever reason you feel like, you can do so here:

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Pinned: Kink list, etc. Check this if you're wondering what I'm into. Read more link is NSFW.

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A dog-boy stands in front of you, looking directly at you, his husky-like ears perked up. The pair of glasses in front of his deep, dark blue eyes has a few rows of green text visible on the top of both lenses. You can just barely make out a bit of it, backwards...


...and then you notice the very visible smirk on his face...


I should probably do something like that for my avatar here.

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being called a good dog makes me feel really giddy and happy

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when timeline shifting means accidental faves

bad masto, go to your corner

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Hi it's my birthday <3

Yes I still have to work today, though