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Catgirl Goddess

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How to take care of catgirl:
1) Pet catgirl.
2) Feed catgirl.
3) Love catgirl.

Your catgirl is self cleaning. Please avoid threatening catgirl with water, cucumbers, or loud noises, as this may cause erratic and unexpected behavior.

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I like how I go to a party and I'm the only one who doesn't drink

but I'm also the only one who collapses asleep in the middle of it.

The Goddess.
She protec.
But also.
She inflate.

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Oh, welcome @TBH! :3 Welcome to big town.

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Wish I didn't have to make blank toot to add tags when retooting on tootblr.

CAUTION: Your hand will be touched by an even smaller hand!

myaa, I wanna be big today.
a big soft cat for you to snuggle.

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Exhaustive list of hints I would give someone who's nervous about playing Undertale for the first time, but doesn't want spoilers:

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I've been watching Jacksepticeye play Undertale lately. The game and videos are about 2 years old at this point, but it's still just so happy and pleasing. Humm, it would take me just as long to play through it again myself, but there's something about watching someone else play it for the first time that makes it more enjoyable...

i am literally having my ability to think, focus, and/or concentrate on literally anything utterly destroyed by about twenty people talking, walking, and/or a dog barking, no more than one room away.

i just have to sit here and live with this.