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Catgirl Goddess

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How to take care of catgirl:
1) Pet catgirl.
2) Feed catgirl.
3) Love catgirl.

Your catgirl is self cleaning. Please avoid threatening catgirl with water, cucumbers, or loud noises, as this may cause erratic and unexpected behavior.

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I like how I go to a party and I'm the only one who doesn't drink

but I'm also the only one who collapses asleep in the middle of it.

An advanced GZDoom mod a friend of mine was working on for the past few months is released today. Please check a look.
Video featuring @catgirl as JTE.

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myaao, want a girlfriend I can inject into my bloodstream.

#ThrowbackThrusday the new Wreck-It Ralph 2 previews just reminded me how much I adored the first Wreck-It Ralph movie, it hit me in the heart in ways I wasn't expecting.

In 2012, I sat down and drew fanart for it as soon as I got home from the theatres. I love their friendship.

#mastoart #creativetoots #Disney

Huh, my mother has a pastel rainbow sword umbrella. Neat.

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Buried between the tastebuds of a world-eating Goddess.

Also if you shrink yourself to one-tenth your normal size your sleep is as good as being ten times as long. It's simple arithmetic; anyone can do it.

When you don't feel like doing the dishes, so you cash in your free pizza instead. =w=

what's vital and in tune with the times!

There is never a time when I wouldn't rather be lewding a mouse tbh.

The Goddess.
She protec.
But also.
She inflate.

Oh, welcome @TBH! :3 Welcome to big town.

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